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What is FlexAuto?

FlexAuto is more than a car leasing company. It’s the new way to use and own a car, by offering the “full” leasing package of services, bundled with absolute flexibility regarding the duration of the contract and the possibility of ownership at any time. FlexAuto is the car you want, for as long as you want.

What is the advantage of FlexAuto to conventional leasing?

FlexAuto has only a very small prepayment, which under circumstances can be refunded to you, with no security deposit and absolute flexibility for the duration of the usage of your car. With FlexAuto, you can choose the car that fits your needs, receive it in approximately 10 business days, and keep it for as long as you want.

At a fixed, all-inclusive monthly rate, without hidden costs or charges, you can use your FlexAuto and be completely at rest about the future. Additionally, you can purchase your FlexAuto at any point in time.

How do I declare interest in a car?

With FlexAuto you can simply choose one of the cars on our website and declare interest either through this form or by reaching out to our customer care team via phone or through email.

Thereafter, you will need to upload the required documentation and pay the car’s FlexDeposit as well as the first month’s payment and you can pick up your FlexAuto at the indicated location within approximately 10 business days.

What documents are required?

The necessary documents for renting a FlexAuto are:

For Individuals:
- Last 3 pay stubs and the latest tax return
- Identity document
- Driving license
- IBAN code

For Companies / VAT Number Holders:
- Updated chamber of commerce registration or VAT attribution deed
- Latest balance sheet
- Identity document of the legal representative or administrator of the company
- Driving license of the designated driver
- Company's IBAN code

Can I really return my car at any point in time?

Yes, you can return your car at any time, with a 15 business days notice period, without any additional charges or hidden expenses.

What is a FlexDeposit?

The FlexDeposit corresponds to one monthly installment of the car (except for Luxury vehicles, for which it is equivalent to two installments) and is paid once together with the first monthly payment. It can be refunded under certain circumstances:

I) If you change the car after 14 months, you will not need to pay the FlexDeposit again.

II) After returning your current FlexAuto, if you have kept it for more than 28 months.

III) In the form of a discount for the purchase of your FlexAuto, if you decide to buy it.

Is there an advance payment or a security deposit that I have to pay?

We want to build a relationship of trust with you and make owning and using a car as accessible as possible. Therefore, we don’t have a security deposit.

Furthermore, there is also no advance payment, only the car’s FlexDeposit.

Are all your cars new?

Yes. FlexAuto provides brand new cars in excellent condition. We also offer some used cars in pristine condition.

Booking process

How long do I have to wait before picking up my car?

Barely at all - from the moment you pay the car’s FlexDeposit, you will receive it in approximately 10 business days.

Can I pay a larger sum in advance to reduce my monthly rate?

Yes, our customer care associate will advise you about alternative payment options that we offer.

Are there hidden fees, costs and charges?

No, at FlexAuto the price you see on our website is the price you get - no fees or charges.

Can I use FlexAuto as a young driver?

FlexAuto is accessible to anyone with the required driver's license, so there are no issues even if you are a young driver.

Owning a FlexAuto

How often and when do I pay?

As soon as you have decided on the FlexAuto you want, you pay the first monthly rental fee and the FlexDeposit. To keep using your FlexAuto, you have to keep submitting your payment once a month 10 days in advance before your next rental period starts.

For example, if your initial rental period starts on the 20th of December, you will submit your next month’s payment again on the 10th of January for the rental period starting on the 20th of January.

What happens, if I don’t pay?

If you haven’t paid on the agreed upon date, you will receive an email reminder. If you haven’t then submitted the payment that is due within 3 days, you will be contractually obliged to return your FlexAuto.

Is there a mileage limit per month or year?

No, there is no mileage restriction. 

But in case you need to travel more than the agreed free kilometers, there will be some extra charge per km proportionally to your monthly usage.

Scooters: 1.000 kms/month
Private use cars: 1.700 kms/month
Professional use cars: 2.000 kms/month

Am I responsible for the daily care of my car and possible wear and tear?

Yes. You are responsible for using your car correctly, as well as for daily care, however we take care of maintenance and repairs. Therefore, you are also responsible for wear and tear. However, our expectation is that when and if you return your FlexAuto, the signs of wear and tear are in line with what would be expected from regular usage at that point in time. For any additional damage caused during your usage, we will have to invoice you for possible repairs, which we of course wish to avoid.

I would like to buy and own the car that I am currently using. Is that possible?

Of course you can. FlexAuto gives you the opportunity to purchase your car at any time you decide to do so. With every month you rent, your purchase price decreases and you can enquire your FlexAuto agent about the corresponding purchase price for your FlexAuto. In addition, we grant you your FlexDeposit as a discount if you wish to buy your car.

FlexAuto for businesses

We represent a company. Can we lease cars from your platform?

Of course. If you are interested in more than 2 cars however, we ask that you contact us via email, so that we can tailor an offer suitable to your company’s needs.

I am self-employed, can I deduct my payments to you from my taxes?

Yes, of course. You can subtract the expense from your total income. Your accountant will happily help you out in this matter.

Ending my lease

What is the duration of my lease?

Your lease is of unlimited duration - you can keep your FlexAuto for as long as you wish.

How do I return my car if I no longer need it?

If you no longer need or want your FlexAuto, you can simply return it to the point where you picked it up, without any extra charge. Simply give us a 15 business days notice.

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